Earthquakes in China, tsunamis in Japan and SE Asia, cyclones in the South Pacific, hurricanes and tornados in the United States. These catastrophes end lives, destroy property and create despair for not only those directly effected by the disaster but also loved ones around the world. Critical infrastructure needed for aid workers namely communications are destroyed. Nustar Networks has developed solutions that specifically tackle the communications problem by providing a commercial grade 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless solution. It is operational in minutes and not only provides local wireless communications but also supports full roaming. Aid-workers and those affected by disaster are able to use their own phones to get help manage logistics and contact loved ones.

Emergency disaster recovery
NuStar provides recovery system that are operational in minutes; supplies much needed Voice, Messaging and Data communications for loved ones and aid workers.

Orion Network In a Box (NIB) leverages radio platforms used by tier one wireless operators to provide commercial cellular services around the world to provide voice, messaging, and data services in areas effected by disaster or event venues in remote areas where wireless coverage is unavailable. Orion is connected to a pre-positioned StarGate roaming gateway with existing roaming agreements with many large carriers. Orion is small consumes little power and is easily transportable. A network can be setup in literally minutes. NuStar’s customers deploy the Orion because it is easy to use, functionally comprehensive, and cost effective. These same characteristics make it an ideal communications solution for emergency relief, humanitarian missions and special events. The solution is perfect for advanced placement or rapid deployment when existing infrastructure is unavailable. The solution can interoperate with existing wireless infrastructure or Orion can be quickly packed up once normal service is restored.

Cost Effective

Orion is very inexpensive to own and operate and is available on short-term lease or managed service. Cost is contained by using inexpensive, yet highly reliable hardware components. Orion’s ease of maintenance and low power consumption makes it one of the most affordable networks to operate.


The solution is a network in a box, literally. It is designed to be deployed in remote locations where power other network connectivity is problematic. Orion was designed from the start to operate unattended; should it temporarily lose power, it will self-restart automatically once power is restored. It can withstand the elements and lives as comfortably in pickup truck as it does in a village hut. Orion continuously self-monitored, self-diagnosed and self-healed. Orions can be remotely upgraded if needed.


Orion is a full-featured, commercial quality cellular network in a box this is compliant with industry standards. It plugs and plays with cellular, IP and telephony networks anywhere in the world. Orion supports industry standard cell phones and wireless modems. Orion is also equipped with an IP-PBX capability that supports SIP/IP wired phones or other SIP endpoints. Orions generate CDR (Call Data Record) for normal billing so an Orion based solution can simply transitioning from humanitarian relief duty to commercial duty by interfacing with any carrier’s billing system.

Orions can be networked together to provide a single virtual network to increase coverage and capacity. Since the each Orion consumes little power it can be powered by a vehicle battery, a small generator, solar or wind power. Orions are typically remotely managed and configured. A field operator can be trained in just a few minutes , if required. The Orion is an easy and economical way to quickly establish a comprehensive communications package. Since the system uses all commercially available components and cell phones, it is inexpensive to maintain and easy to transition to a NGO or the local authorities once the initial emergency response team redeploy. These same capabilities also make it an ideal solution for Humanitarian Aide missions ensuring the system’s long-term economic and social benefit.

NuStars solutions provide temporary network extensions for wireless networks for special events